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Converts FORTRAN into Readable, Maintainable C Code!

FOR_C is the leading FORTRAN to C conversion package, supporting standard FORTRAN-77, with many VAX, MILSPEC, PRIME, IBM-VS, Data General, Microsoft and Fortran-90 extensions!  

First released in 1988, FOR_C is a stable, referenceable, market-tested product which delivers quality translations.  Plus you get a powerful source code converter and extensive porting tool (with more capability than most FORTRAN compilers) - all in one package!

We include special translation helps to make your conversion task easier, such as our C-like preprocessor for customizing code to meet your own specifications.

Plus you can use C prototypes for translating function call arguments by value (versus address), resulting in streamlined, concise code.  Your resulting C code is not only accurate, robust and READABLE - but is easy to maintain!

FOR_C Product ShotThe FOR_C package includes C source to extensive runtime libraries, including FORTRAN-77 standard library functions missing from standard C libraries - which can be freely distributed with your translated applications!  So you can translate, move your new application to any hardware environment, and even port your software between different sized machines, for great flexibility!

FOR_C Offers All This...

  • A practical way to automatically convert FORTRAN resources into theFORTRAN to C popular C language - and get VERY READABLE code!  (Plus the translations will be even more natural and maintainable if your FORTRAN is restructured with before translating.)
  • A cost-justifiable solution for upgrading and converting your FORTRAN.  
  • Basic static analysis and error-checking capability.  
  • Compiler-like performance, even when a FORTRAN compiler is not available on your target platform, e.g. when using an accelerator board or a specialized embedded chip application, such as signal processing. Options to translate formatted READ and WRITE to fscanf() and fprintf(), plus OPEN/CLOSE to fopen and fclose to maximize C's superior I/O and windowing capability.  And default I/O translations exactly duplicate FORTRAN I/O, to simplify conversion of massive programs.
  • A C-like preprocessor for easy mapping of FORTRAN library calls to their C equivalents, to reduce dependence on your original machine.
  • A de-include capability for translating and optimizing commons and parameters in FORTRAN include files to their C equivalents.
  • Optional optimizations of assignments, selected intrinsics, single dimension arrays, etc. give you improved C runtime speed.
  • Null terminated translation of FORTRAN-77 characters lets you use standard C functions like strcpy(), strcmp() and more!

    FOR_C and FOR_STRUCT are designed to work together so you don't have the headaches of working with incompatible products! 

Some User Comments:

"I converted 1.5 million lines of code in over 8000 source files that made up 275 libraries.  FOR_C converted the code in less than four months...and our programs are even more reliable than before.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your product to prospective customers."  

(Chuck Ditter,  Analysts International)

"In my most recent conversion, I restructured and translated about 300,000 lines of FORTRAN in less than two days.  Only minimal work was required to get the code running in C - with the same results.  I am very sold on your products!"
(Tom Kohli, P.E.)

Download a demo version of FOR_C