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 Looking for specialized, and sometimes hard-to-find FORTRAN-related tools?   Look no further!  For the past 18 years we've been developing and refining a compatible suite of products to provide relief to those of you who are currently programming in FORTRAN, maintaining large amounts of FORTRAN assets - and even C programmers who have inherited old FORTRAN code, which can now be converted and reused!

FORTRAN Maintenance Solutions:

Our maintenance tools ease the burden of time-consuming and sometimes frustrating code maintenance - often resulting from legacy code!

DI7.GIF (284 bytes)   FOR_STRUCT -

If your FORTRAN programs  are loaded with GOTOs - typically code written over the years by many authors - FOR_STRUCT will unscramble, restructure and reformat your code. Your code will be easier to maintain and you can save up to 30% in maintenance costs alone!

FORTRAN Conversion

If your new coding is being done in more contemporary languages, or if you've inherited man-years of valuable FORTRAN code, we offer tools which can now translate these resources automatically into C!   Don't rewrite from scratch, but let us help you automate the process - and save you thousands of dollars.

DI7.GIF (284 bytes)   FOR_C -

Our robust source-code translator converts standard FORTRAN-77, with many VAX and other popular extensions, into extremely readable,  C code.  We also provide the run-time library so you can port your translated code to other platforms without additional licensing fees.

Our most popular product!